23% to 46% of All Contract and VA Savings Fall Through the Cracks and Most Organizations Don’t Know It Is Happening Let Alone Why

SupplyValidator™ is a major breakthrough in how we validate our savings that you put on your savings reports. With most CFO’s now scrutinizing and reducing budgets accordingly with these manual line item spreadsheets savings, it is imperative that all dollars documented now be audited for certainty. Yet, supply chain does not have the time nor the staff to continuously audit savings once a year yet alone on a continuing basis. But, it is necessary for these audits to happen in order to capture variances to the line item savings reports otherwise the savings just disappears with out any action taken. Enter, SupplyValidator™ that utilizes a unique volume centric system to capture the actual results and goals associated with any and all savings. Plus you can view more than high level results to find out what actually is happening when a savings does or does not meet your goals and objectives.

Protect Your Organization's Bottom Line

Most CFOs depend on savings reported from supply chain to make adjustments to their budgets every year so they must be as accurate as possible.

Uncover Opportunities Automatically

No more endless data requests or hours of spreadsheet crunching.

Defend Your Hard Earned Savings Opportunities

Why spend so much time and effort on finding and implementing a savings on contracts and initiatives, only to have it fade away?

The Power To Know

Most organizations do not track back on their savings opportunities once they have been implemented and assume that they will sustain themselves.

Put Your Savings Sustainability on Autopilot

Why track back on just a few savings opportunities at a time when you can review 100% of your supply and purchase service savings now?

Cross Initiative Ensures Total Results

With multiple initiatives and programs going on, it further complicates whether one initiative or another was responsible for true savings.

Why You Should Use SupplyValidator™

Every Contract, Every Standardization, Every VA Initiative, and Every Projected Savings Needs to Be Reviewed on an Ongoing Basis to Ensure True Results Over the Life Cycle of the Contract or Savings Projection Period

Average Number of Initiatives that Healthcare Organizations Implement in a Year

SupplyValidator™ Tracks Every Single Project & Initiative Automatically for You and Will Tell You the Positive or Negative Results Over the Life of the Study, Contract, or Initiative

Supply Validator

260-Bed Hospital Recovers $50K in Lost Savings On Just One Contract!

One hospital signed a new three-year exam glove contract with a projected $30K savings per year or $90K over the life cycle of the contract, but after the first year only saw $12K in savings and was made aware of this by SupplyValidator™ and made appropriate adjustments. This hospital then saved a total of $74K in the remaining two years of the contract. The net result was $86K versus $36K if the original savings was left untouched! A $50K improvement.

Key Features and Benefits

  • No major data mining or data crunching, SupplyValidator does all the heavy lifting
  • Only have to log into the system and view the dashboard results
  • Customize what you track and how you track it
  • Set your own baseline standards to each of your facilities or system-wide
  • Set your own goals for standardization and contracts that mirror the exact contract period(s)
  • Easily drill down into each initiative to pinpoint where the problem products or vendors are
  • SupplyValidator™ enhances your data to track your initiatives for you
  • SupplyValidator™ uses unique hospital volume-centric measurement calculations to ensure that all reports factor in historical volume shifts
  • Easily view your standardization and utilization levels on each tracked initiative - no guessing or complex calculations required
  • Find out where you stand with meeting your contracts' savings objectives, e.g., did we save the 12% and by how much?

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