What’s the main purpose of SupplyValidator™?

To hold your vendors accountable for the savings on contracts and product implementations that are promised, or in many cases, guaranteed. The system will show you exactly where you are meeting or exceeding your savings goals as well as where you are falling behind and can take further corrective action. Remember, it is hard enough finding and effectively implementing major and minor savings opportunities at hospitals, let alone following up on the hundreds of implementations every year.

Why can't we do this ourselves?

There are more issues than just making sure that a price is in place on your purchasing supply chain system. With every product, standardization, and/or contract change there are unintended consequences that can cause waste and inefficient use of the products implemented. These are the root cause of most increases beyond price that hurt your organization's bottom line. For your staff to chew up precious time on data mining and re-data mining every month/quarter to confirm you are meeting or not meeting your goals on hundreds of products, services, and technologies would be a daunting task.

What else can SupplyValidator™ do for us?

The system will not only tell you where your opportunities arise but can also show you your total Return on Investment of any non-salary initiative. Most healthcare organizations have multiple non-salary initiatives going at any given time (i.e., contracting, value analysis, standardization, PPI, purchase services, etc.). SupplyValidator™ is able to consolidate all of the results on an ongoing basis to report the favorable or unfavorable results in just a few clicks of your mouse.

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