Contract Savings Validation Will Improve Your Healthcare Organization’s Supply Expense Savings Yields, On Average, by 23% to 46%

Moving to the Next Level of Contract Management Performance

Are you holding your vendors accountable for their promises and guarantees? Or, are you hoping that the savings they promised or guaranteed will somehow materialize at the end of your contract? Unfortunately, hope is not a strategy!

In fact, based on SVAH’s extensive research, only 64% of estimated contract savings are realized which leaves 46% falling through the cracks. For instance, a client of SVAH calculated $30,000 per year savings at the outset of an agreement on a floor glove contract then realized that they only were saving $14K through the first year. After discovering this issue and making a few adjustments they then saved $86,000 when they validated the contract savings. Without validation, they would have missed 53% or $48K of their projected three year contract savings. This is just one example of what happens after the contracts are signed, promises and guarantees are made but in the end the hospital has to live with the results because there is no validation system to track it all.

Lesson Learned: If this supply chain director would have been satisfied with his original glove savings estimate, he would have overstated this contract life cycle savings by $48,000 or 53%. That’s how you improve your savings yields without changing anything else you have been doing. This undisputed fact should be an eye opener for you!

Supply Chain Expense Contracts Need to Have More Than One Savings Measurement

All supply chain expense contracts need to have two measurements; the projected lifecycle savings and verified lifecycle savings. This is because, as mentioned, 46% of the time these two measurements are radically different, as they were in our case study above.

No longer can we rely on estimated contract savings if we want to achieve even greater savings yields in the future. Too often, we are cheating ourselves of hundreds of thousands of dollars (sometimes millions) in reported savings when we depend on just one savings measurement. Don’t continue to lose these savings any longer.

Things Change and People Change

Better yet, you need to track and validate your projected contract savings on every active contract (GPO and local) on a quarterly basis to ensure your savings are on track and on budget. That’s how our case study hospital realized that after one year of a three-year floor glove contract they were only saving $12,000. That’s when their value analysis team reviewed all their floor glove protocols and processes and then discovered to their surprise that there was huge glove waste with their current floor glove dispensers. Once this problem was solved, they realized 50% more savings than they projected. Yes, it pays to measure twice!


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