Healthcare Non-Salary Expense Veterans Create SupplyValidator™ to Curb the Losses from Non-Verified Reported Savings

Created by Non-Salary Experts Who Have Over 30 Years of Healthcare Experience

Created by Robert T. Yokl & Robert W. Yokl, who have a combined 75 years of healthcare non-salary expense reduction experience with over 500 healthcare organizations.

Dramatically Reducing Costs is Paramount to Healthcare Organizations But the Savings Must Be There

With multiple channels of non-salary savings projects/programs going on at healthcare organizations, there is only one system that can prove whether the savings is being achieved or not.

Trust But Verify the Savings that are Being Reported on Your Savings Reports and Spreadsheets

The key to achieving the savings goals for any healthcare organization is not only making the savings happen but sustaining the savings over the short & long term.

Why Work So Hard To Achieve a Savings Opportunity Only to Have the Savings Fade Away or Not Materialize As Planned?

The Key to Sustaining Savings is to Continually Track and Verify Your Savings Over the Short and Long Term

Most organizations employ spreadsheets or process tracking tools to track their savings projects and results. However, the results are merely a line item entry that is taken for truth's sake and the majority of the time it is not verified or confirmed that the savings actually happened. With no real validation system, these organizations don't see the bottom line results that they need to see even though they are reporting major savings success throughout the year. Why is this happening?

There is no automated system in place to track the savings opportunities put in place by the various savings channels, vendors, group purchasing organizations, value analysis committees, and alike.

Savings Reported
Frequency that Savings Are Verified
Sustained Savings
Percent of Dollars Lost Due to Not Tracking

A large University Hospital booked a $820K savings opportunity in their savings tracking system only to find out through SupplyValidator that the savings never happened due to unforeseen changes from the original project. This one project represented 7% of their total annual savings achieved but it was not really there. SupplyValidator™ alerted them to the need to revisit the project and they achieved the savings the following year and sustained it over the long term.

Enabling Faster Time to Savings Benefits

Average Number of VA, Standardization, Pricing, and Evidence Project Savings to Confirm in a Quarter
Time to Manually Confirm All Savings Projects for Just One Quarter
Time to Confirm All Quarterly Savings Projects with SupplyValidator™