Closed-Loop Savings Validation Turns Estimates and Promises Into Real-Time Results

The Ultimate Automated Supply Savings Tool

Know With Certainty That All Savings Brought On by Contracting, Value Analysis or Other Means Has Taken Hold and is Sustaining

Automatically Validate Your Savings Initiatives

Hospitals cannot spare the staff or resources nor do they have systems to quickly validate every savings opportunity that has been projected - until now!

New Level in Supply Performance Contracting

With Value-Based Purchasing holding hospitals' feet to the fire with fixed costs, hospitals must now look to performance-based contracting to hold their own vendors' savings estimates and projections to task.

Hold Your Vendors Accountable for Guaranteed Results

Just about every vendor contract has savings projections tied to it but there is no mechanism to accurately track whether or not the savings are achieved.

Finally Know What Your True Total Costs of Changes Are

Most savings are based on the previous year's spend projections but any changes could cause unintended consequences that you must now know about and react to if they do not go as planned.

Uncover All of Your Hidden Positive Gains

Not only can you find where your shortfalls are but you can also find out where your savings exceeds your initial savings projections.

Track Results Through the Entire Life of a Contract

With less reimbursement and tighter budgets, hospitals must rely even further on the accuracy of the contract life cycle savings projections in order to compete in the short and long term.

Trust but verify

All Non-Salary Savings Projections Need to be Verified

The typical hospital, system, or IDN’s supply chain management department will project and then report to their senior management the estimated savings for a finalized price, standardization, value analysis, or utilization project based on the commodity’s prior purchase history, but rarely, if ever, verify that the savings are achieved down the road. Wouldn’t you agree that this is fuzzy math?

This is a Universal Challenge that Now Has a Solution

SVAH’s studies show that less than 64% of the savings that are reported each year to a healthcare organization’s senior management does not hit their bottom line because of compliance issues due to product upsells, inadequate training, too much product variation, etc. That’s why all non-salary savings projections need to be verified quarterly, annually, and for the life of the contract.


Enable Automated Performance Based Contracting Now!

Now the wait is over, as we have finally cracked the code to provide patient volume centric reporting to show the total cost of product standardization, value analysis, and contract changes in one simple reporting module. No more drawn out spreadsheets or data mining, no more reinventing the wheel, and no more guessing whether we brought about the results we worked so hard to achieve.

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